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If your basketball team has taken a few hits, introducing some proven basketball plays might be the path to more success on the court. Don't even think about quitting when you hit a losing streak. Just break out some of these tried and tested basketball plays and make a winning change.

Best Basketball Plays - The Triangle Offense

If your team plays the Triangle Offense properly, it should result in a clear, simple shot. Here's how it is done: 1 - Two players take the post position while three players take their positions at the corner, point guard and side wings. The player at the post position acts as the apex of the triangle, along with the corner and wing positions. 2 - The triggerman on this play is the player who gets possession of the ball on the strong side of the wing, and this player establishes the rest of the play. 3 - The post position players remain at the elbows, while the point guard moves to the mid-circle bottom. 4 - Next the point players must downpick two other players, and this should create a pass opening in the wing.

Best Basketball Plays - The Out-of-Bounds Play

The Out-of-Bounds Play needs to be practiced and perfected before you attempt it on the basketball court. Every player must be focused and at their performance peak when using this basketball play. When prepared, follow these steps: 1 - First decide who will be the ball handler. This player will find an open teammate and pass them the ball for an open shot. 2 - The passer is the key to successfully carrying out this play. The size or the position of the player doesn't really matter, as long as they can handle a dual trick. 3 - To perform a dual trick, the passing player fakes an offensive move. When the opponent responds to the fake, the passer then executes a perfectly timed move to change the defender's momentum. This should create a free lane down the court for the player to pass the ball to the most open teammate.

Best Basketball Plays - The Flex Offense or Man-to-Man Offense

The Flex Offense of Man-to Man Offense is one of the most popular basketball plays because it is extremely effective but not extremely difficult. Here are the steps to completing this play with the stack entry: 1 - To begin the play, all of the players stack up. 2 - Next the guard picks this side where he is able to go to the elbow. At the same time, the forward should get ready to get the ball. 3 - Now the center transfers into the three-point lane while a player on this other side does the same. 4 - Once they are in place, the guard passes the ball to the forward and the center flashes over the screen that one guard has set to shield his fellow guard. 5 - After the screen is established, the forward passes the ball to the center, who must show his hand prior to this move. 6 - The center now heads for the elbow while the guard runs to the rainbow. 7 - One of the center players is responsible for setting the screen for the other center. Once you get some good practice, this could be one of your favorite offensive plays.

There are several more popular basketball plays that will enhance your team's offense. You can search for these plays online, and you may even find a site or two with video animations of the plays: - The Man Defense - The Defense Press - The Match-up Defense - The Motion Special - The Press Offense - The Late Game Plays

If your team has come up against a few bad games, try out these basketball plays. They have been tried for years and proven to work on the court. The most important thing to remember is that practice is the only way to make these basketball plays enhance the play of your team.

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