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Learning the game of basketball requires serious effort and dedication, and basketball dribbling is one of the first things you should learn to do. Basketball dribbling is when you repeatedly bounce the ball using only one hand. You are no longer dribbling if you touch the ball with both hands at the same time, or when the continuous motion of the bouncing is disrupted. You have also stopped dribbling if you let the ball come to rest in your hands or move it slightly parallel to the court with just one hand.

Here are some of important pointers and rules for proper basketball dribbling:

Always use the pads of your fingers to dribble. This helps you maintain control of the ball. Never use your palms for basketball dribbling. When dribbling, spread all of your fingers across the ball, with your first finger pointing in the direction your body is facing. Spreading your fingers improves your grasp on the ball and provides more control.

During basketball dribbling, always keep your hand on top of the ball. Making sure your hand is on top prevents you from carrying the ball, which is against the rules.

Focus on your dribbling hand and pivot foot, making sure that your foot never leaves floor before the ball leaves your hand. This is known as traveling and could result in a violation.

Learn how to dribble with both hands. This requires practice, but you should be able to dribble with either your right or left hand.

When you are dribbling with your right hand, use your left hand to shield the ball from your opponent, and vice versa. Your body can also be used as a shield, so try to keep it between the ball and the opposing player.

Always dribble with your eyes open and your head up. This allows you to view the entire basketball court and be prepared for action at all times.

When you are finished dribbling, stop quickly and decisively to avoid getting called for a violation.

Keep both the ball and your body low while dribbling. This helps block your opponent from the ball.

Don't waste a dibble by only dribbling the ball once or twice and then stopping. A wasted dribble can put you in a difficult position on the court.

Always dribble with purpose and know what your final goal is. Then you will be prepared for whatever you need to do when you finish dribbling.

It is not wise to try dribbling when you are being double-teamed. If you attempt to dribble through two defenders at once, there is a good chance they will get the ball away from you. Stay out of the corners. Dribbling yourself into a corner gives your opponents the advantage because they can trap you in the corner.

Basketball dribbling should be lively! Always dribble at full-force as you lead up to passing or shooting. This causes maximum difficulty for any defenders trying to steal the ball, but you should still remain focused and pay attention to what you are doing.

Practice, practice, practice. Practice is the only way to become an expert at basketball dribbling, and dribbling drills work really well to develop good dribbling skills.

Always use the correct stance and posture when dribbling, standing straight and tall. If you are using your right hand to dribble, then your left foot should be parallel to and in front of your right foot, with your knees bent just slightly. Reverse the stance when you are dribbling with your left hand. Dribble with your hand and wrist only. The rest of your arm should be kept close to your upper body.

Don't dribble the ball any higher than waist-level, and keep the ball in front and to the side of your back foot.

If you want to be a better basketball player, you must practice and improve your dribbling skills. Good basketball dribbling helps you control the ball during the game and is one way you can ensure that your team will stay in possession of the ball allowing opportunities to shoot and score. Practice the basics of basketball dribbling, and the benefits will show in your game.

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